Have look at the set of lectures offered and if you see one that might interest your group please contact me to discuss further.

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Twentieth Century Cultural and Bolton History 

Geography and Travel

British Dark Age History

Medieval History


The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration

All the lectures take an hour – but with questions and discussion allow up to two hours. I don’t mind being interrupted or being taken off at a tangent. All are illustrated with photographs on Powerpoint. If you don’t like Powerpoint I also present lectures organically without illustration or with maps, wall charts, pictures, handouts. Everyone to their own taste.

The range of subjects I cover is broad and I bring a light touch to the content - my philosophy in offering lectures being a simple one; say what you’re doing, tell the story, make people think, make people laugh, get off.

And it may be possible for me to tailor a lecture just for you... For further information e-mail me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.