In response to the hectic pace of life today, the ‘fast cutting’ of much entertainment and the ephemeral, 140 character nature of much culture, I now offer an evening of story telling. 

If you have a family gathering, a book club meeting or just a group of friends who want simple, direct, interactive entertainment that you can relax into, this might be for you, if so please contact me. 

The tale telling lasts a couple of hours, spun out or foreshortened to your taste.  I offer three sets of stories.

The Golden Apple, the Wallet and the Oath

You’ll have heard of the Wooden Horse of Troy, of Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, of the cunning of Odysseus and Achilles, the warrior of warriors. 

But do you know the background to the war at Troy? 

Do you know the steps of fate that led to the heroics and tragedy which make up the founding scan0011myth of the west? 

There were fatal coincidences, prophetic dreams, betrayals, the ire of the gods and characters enthralled to blind ambition and all consuming love. 

Hear how a nasty trick at a wedding feast, an act of compassion to a baby, the world’s first beauty contest and an oath made by heroes while standing on the steaming joints of sacrificed horse flesh started the most celebrated war of all time.

That Sword, That Stone

The original tales of King Arthur are impossibly ancient – nothing to do with the shiny armour and chivalry of later tales, nothing to do with the Holy Grail or the Lady of Shallot. 

These ancient tales are Welsh and fragmentary but add up to a strange, haunted whole.  Not many have followed these tales, tales which make Arthur into a monster, a cuckold, a tyrant...and the grandest hero of Britain.      

A Little Beyond

Here are three tales which interweave the domestic with the dark - what happens to us when things look right on the surface but tensions skew reality – and life is revealed as flawed, broken...gone a little beyond; The Skull, Dreamleech and Only the Fifth.