I have testimonials from the following:


Robin Hobbes – Secretary, Manchester Wagner Society  

Margot Jones – Speaker Secretary, Bolton U3A

Professor Ray Jones – Emeritus Professor of Social Work, Kingston St George’s University

David has given two lectures to our local history society both of which were interesting, informative, well-illustrated and at times amusing.  both of these lectures were very well received by our members and we hope to have him back again in the near future.   Margaret Koppens – secretary, Halliwell History Society, march 2015

Dave Burnham has been a guest lecturer at the university of salford for several years. He has worked with undergraduate, postgraduate and post-qualifying social work students.  dave engages well with all groups, he uses humour, rhetorical questioning and original research to really stimulate their interest and curiosity. Dave prepares sessions carefully – but also is prepared to go off-script if the group need him to do so. Formal and informal evaluations and feedback have been excellent,  Michael Murphy – senior lecturer, Post Qualifying  course leader, salford university, february 2015

Fred Steadman Jones – Past Secretary, Pendragon Society,


I will suggest to Bolton Ladies they ask David to do a talk.  With regard to feedback, I would say that the presentation of slides was very good.  If I were Dave, I would give a list of talks he does to people attending his lectures, as, as with us, attendees would share the information with their other groups.  As you thought, he might well benefit from Speakers Club attendance not perhaps voice-wise but he does pace about quite a bit, Rita Greenwood, on behalf of Betty Longmate, Secretary of Lostock Ladies


John Daly, Assistant Director, Bolton Children’s Services

Ian, Secretary Albert Tennis and social club, Didsbury

Enid Herwald  

Helen Scholar

F James Hartnell

Pheonix Society

Alison Coleman

Vince Venturini